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Why JVP?

Make JVP your first choice!

The JVP line of vacuum pumps are used in many areas of industry from robotic pick and place machines, vacuum laminators, blow molding, vacuum molding, vacuum chucking, graphic arts printing machines, feeders, slow down wheels, air sampling, suction lifting, vacuum sealing, packaging, etc.

The JVP line of vacuum pumps are stocked in our warehouse in a near suburb of Chicago. With a range of 6 CFM (cubic feet per minute) to 104 CFM. JVP offers vacuum ranges of 15 inches mercury to 29.9 inHg.

We understand your business, and can ship most pump configurations within a 4-6 hour window, having your machines back online as soon as possible. We offer many pumps standard, off the shelf, and ready to ship immediately. We offer local pickup, or delivery services throughout the country.

Make JVP your first choice for quality, on time performance, and service.

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Environmentally friendly.
Designed with easy maintenance in mind.
Direct replacements for Orion™, Becker™, and Rietschle™.
OEM Vacuum Pumps for many applications.
Wide range of products to perfectly fit your needs.

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Parts & Services.

Replacement Parts

JVP Replacement Parts, Filters, & Rebuild kits

Replacement Parts


JVP carries a full line of OEM replacement parts for your JVP vacuum pumps in stock. Contact us for more information regarding availability.

  • Rebuild Kits.
  • Pre-filters.
  • Replacement parts.

Rebuild & Repair


We repair and rebuild many styles of vacuum pumps from various manufacturers. Our in-house machine shop is ready to get your vacuum pump back to working condition.

Call today for a free estimate.

Pump Information


We offer oil-free dry vane vacuum pumps.


  • Environmentally friendly configuration.
  • OEM Vacuum pumps.
  • Modular design and easy maintenance.
  • Ranges of 6.1 to 104 CFM.
  • Ranges of 10 to 29 inHg.
  • We stock a full line of dry, oil-less vacuum pumps.

About JVP.

Who we are

Jallo Equipment & Supply has been providing the industry with quality JVP Vacuum Pumps for over 15 years! We stock a full line of vacuum pumps to fit your oil-less dry vane vacuum pump needs. We are a full service provider and offer repairs, custom installations, in-house rebuilds, and technical help. Call us to help you get the correct pump for your production needs.

Jallo understands the needs of our customers, and can ship most pumps same day. We stock a full line of motors to fit our vacuum pumps, so we can be as efficient as possible in getting you your pump.

What we do

JVP offers new pumps for OEM. We carry many replacement pumps and parts, for many applications. JVP offers a complete assembly and rebuild facility conveniently located in a close suburb of Chicago. Our facility is stocked with a full in-house machine shop.

  • Address:
  • Jallo Equipment & Supply
  • 3029 S 26th Ave
  • Broadview, IL 60155
  • Phone:
  • 708.410.1780
  • Email:

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