Jallo Vacuum Pumps

JVP HP Series

High Performance Dry Vacuum Pumps

The JVP HP series of vacuum pumps are specialized in industries where a clean dry vane technology is needed, as well as high vacuum levels. These pumps are capable of producing vacuum levels up to 29.99 inches of mercury, or 97.5 kPa. These pumps are used in the high tech industries, where clean dry running pumps are necessary, as well as the high level of vacuum produced, such as robotic pick and place machines and the such. The JVP HP series of vacuum pumps range CFM levels from 5 to 10 CFM. Sall Jallo for parts available for these units.

Model Hz Max Vacuum Vacuum CFM Info
inHg KPA CFM m3/hr
JVP-400 60 28 94.8 7.2 12.2
50 28 94.8 6.1 10.3
JVP-750 60 28 94.8 10.6 18
50 28 94.8 9.4 15.9
Note: Specifications may vary based on pump configuration. Choose your pump to review all details, customizations, and performance charts.

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