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JVP-OVP 130/200

JVP's OVP Series of Oil Sealed vacuum pumps operate according to the rotary vane principle. The rotor is eccentrically positioned in the cylinder and has take-out slots for vane sliding. The centrifugal forces when rotating push the vanes towards wall of the cylinder through the slots of the rotor. The gas will be sucked in through a built-in anti suck back valve that prevents the pump from rotating backward at standstill, and goes into the cylinder. The gas will be compressed and pushed out through the exhaust opening located between the pumps housing and oil pump. The oil will be fed into the pump module from the oil pump for sealing and lubrication by differential pressure between pump module and oil pump. The discharged oil as a mist with gas will be collected through the oil separators in the upper part of the oil pump. The collected oil will be drawn into the pump inlet side for recirculation by the pressure difference between suction and pressure side through a float valve or through the return line. A gas ballast will be working by sucking ambient air into the cylinder for prevention of accumulation of condensation from the processed gas.

The OVP Series of pumps offer:
  • Compact design, reliability, and durability.
  • Easy to maintain and operate, simple to install.
  • Air cooled operation, no water required.
  • Direct Drive Design, no belts required.
  • Integral exhaust filter - discharged air is 99% oil free.
  • Quiet operation.

Examples of industries served by the OVP series:
Chemical processing, power generation, food processing & packaging, environmental applications, agriculture, water supply treatment, medical, mining, oil & gas, research & development, and printing & bindery. Anywhere large quantities of high levels of vacuum are required, JVP-OVP series pumps are a good choice.

Typical applications using the OVP series:
Packaging equipment, reticulated medical vacuum plant, vacuum drying, vacuuming mixing and deaeration, soil remediation, vacuum filtration, particle conveying, printing & paper, condenser exhausting, materials handling, router table holding, tank and pond aeration, back-flushing, sewage evacuation, and sewage digester gas compression.

Model Hz Max Vacuum Vacuum CFM
mbar inHg m3/hr CFM
OVP 130 60 0.5 29~29.9 78.0 45.9
50 0.5 29~29.9 65.0 38.2
OVP 200 60 0.5 29~29.9 120.0 70.6
50 0.5 29~29.9 100.0 58.8

Model In/Out Port Diam Motor Weight
OVP130 1-1/4" Intake, 1-1/4" Exhaust 3 Phase 2.0-3.0HP, 1450-1740 RPM 66 145.5
OVP200 3 Phase 3.0-4.0 HP, 1450-1740 RPM 75 165.3



Model W D H A B C E F G I J K L M N O P Q R
OVP130 654 412 302 49 199 147 292 147 285 235 G1-1/4" 15 10 C1-1/4" 297 346 5.3 3xM8 93
OVP200 704 224 172 172 396

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