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JVP VCX 155 - 205

VCX Series 155, 205

JVP's VCX Series of dry vacuum pumps offer a positive displacement rotary claw design, which is air cooled and non-contacting. Because of its design, and quality construction, the JVP VCX series offer a pump which is very reliable, with a long service life, with minimal wear and low maintenance.

The VCX Series of pumps offer the following highly sought after qualities:

  • Air cooled and direct driven design.
  • High Efficiency and continuous duty.
  • Relief valves included.
  • Low-maintenance, non-wearing parts.

Some examples of industries served by the VCX series of pumps:
Chemical processing, power generation, food processing & packaging, environmental applications, agriculture, water supply treatment, medical, mining, oil & gas, research & development, and printing & bindery. Anywhere large quantities of high levels of vacuum are required, VCX series pumps are a good choice.

Typical applications using the JVP VCX series:
Packaging equipment, reticulated medical vacuum plant, vacuum drying, vacuuming mixing and deaeration, soil remediation, vacuum filtration, particle conveying, printing & paper, condenser exhausting, materials handling, router table holding, tank and pond aeration, back-flushing, sewage evacuation, and sewage digester gas compression.

Model Hz Max Vacuum Vacuum CFM
inHg KPA CFM m3/hr
VCX 155 60 28.4 96.2 42.3 72
50 28.4 96.2 35.3 60
VCX 205 60 28.4 96.2 70.6 120
50 28.4 96.2 58.8 100

Model In/Out Port Diam Motor Weight
VCX155 1.0‘‘ 3Phase 2.8-3.4kW 4P 131-137 288-302
VCX205 1.5‘‘ 3Phase 2.2-2.6kW 4P 142-155 313-345

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