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JVP-10 Vacuum Pump

Standard Series Dry Vacuum Pump

The JVP-10 Vacuum pump is a oil-free dry running vane pump. It is a stock item from the JVP line of pumps. This pump can produce up to 25 inches of Mercury, and up to 65 CFM (cubic feet per minute). The JVP-10 would typically use a 5.0 hp or 3.75kW three phase motor, but can also be coupled with a single phase motor. The modular configuration makes this pump very easy to maintain, with one knob nut to replace or inspect filters. It is a direct coupled direct driven vacuum pump which runs at 1100 rpm.

The standard porting on the JVP-10 is two (2) 1.25 “ NPT ports for the vacuum. One for the vacuum regulator, which is standard, and the second port is for you to hook up to your application. There would also be a 1/4“ NPT port with a vacuum gauge.

Option: Two 1.25“ NPT ports for the pressure, with a 1/4“ port for the pressure side.
Option: Complete vacuum setup for Vacuum, ported for vacuum, without motor.
Option: Vacuum pump only. Complete pump, less base, and manifold, motor and coupling.

These pumps are in production daily on printing presses, vacuum frames, robotic arms, vacuum laminators, blow molding etc. Wherever high volume of vacuum is needed, the JVP-10 fits in perfectly. The JVP-10's rugged design makes it suitable for most industrial applications.

If this pump works for you, but you would also like to have a second one ported for pressure,
check out our JVP-10DP.


Model Hz Max Vacuum Max Pressure Vacuum CFM Blower CFM Motor RPM
inHg KPA PSI KPA CFM m3/hr CFM m3/hr
JVP-10 60 25 84.6 8.5 58.6 75 111 N/A 96 1700 5.0HP, 3.75kW
50 25 84.6 8.5 58.6 75 96 N/A 90 1450

Model Suction/Exhaust Port Diameter Motor Weight
JVP-10 RC3/4 Female NPT 3-Phase 3.7kW 4P 130 286
705mm 451mm 80mm N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
L J K L1 M N O P
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 125mm RC 1 1/4"

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