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JVP-7 Vacuum Pump

Standard Series Dry Vacuum Pump

The JVP-7 Vacuum pump is a oil-free dry running vane pump. It is a stock item from the JVP line of pumps. This pump can produce up to 25 inches of Mercury, and up to 40.0 CFM (cubic feet per minute). The JVP-7 would typically use a 2.0 hp or 1.5kW three phase motor, but can also be coupled with a single phase motor. The modular configuration makes this pump very easy to maintain, with one knob nut to replace or inspect filters. It is a direct coupled direct drive vacuum pump which runs at 1200 rpm.

The standard porting on the JVP-7 is two (2) 1 “ NPT ports for the vacuum. One for the vacuum regulator, which is standard, and the second port is for you to hook up to your application. There would also be a 1/4“ NPT port with a vacuum gauge.

Option: Two 1“ NPT ports for the pressure, with a 1/4“ port for the pressure side.
Option: Complete vacuum setup for Vacuum, ported for vacuum, without motor.
Option: Vacuum pump only. Complete pump, less base, and manifold, motor and coupling.

These pumps are in production daily on printing presses, vacuum frames, robotic arms, etc. The JVP-7's rugged design makes it suitable for most industrial applications.

If this pump works for you, but you would also like to have a second one ported for pressure,
check out our JVP-7DP.


Catalog photo of JVP-8

Model Hz Max Vacuum Max Pressure Vacuum CFM Blower CFM Motor RPM
inHg KPA PSI KPA CFM m3/hr CFM m3/hr
JVP-7 60 25 84.6 8.5 58.6 40 69 40 70 1700 2.0HP, 1.5kW
50 25 84.6 8.5 58.6 33.6 58.8 33.6 58.8 1450

Model Suction/Exhaust Port Diameter Motor Weight
JVP-7 RC3/4 Female NPT 3-Phase 1.5kW 4P 73 160.94
720mm 360mm 50mm 225mm 285mm 300mm 300mm 430mm 4-ø9mm
L J K L1 M N O P
510mm 40mm 130mm 40mm 60mm 100mm 70mm RC 1"

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